Dr. Ee Lin Wan

Board Certified Internal Medicine Expert Witness
& Consultant

Practice Areas

Driving Under the Influence

Review cases for medication or medical reasons that can affect driving under the influence charges. Certain health conditions and medications can lead to false positive breathalyzer tests.

Medical Malpractice

Ability to Provide independent medical expert witness opinion on medical malpractice cases, for both plaintiffs and defendants. Specializing in cases involving acute care of patients admitted to the hospital, including complications in critically ill patients. Able to give an expert opinion on cases involving coordination of care involving various surgical and medical sub-specialist.

General Internal Medicine Cases

Provide credible and detailed analysis of cases involving almost any major medical condition affecting adult patients. Able to provide expert opinion on missed or delayed diagnosis, incorrect treatment, delays in consulting appropriate specialists, hospital acquired complications or medication errors.

Provides accurate opinion in a timely manner.

Dr. Ee Lin Wan has extensive experience in quality of care chart reviews, medical writing and journalism. She has the ability to provide accurate and prompt follow-up with retaining attorneys 

Dr. Ee Lin Wan

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